How to use

Machine line up


  • Washing and drying machine×1
  • Midium size machine×1
  • Small size machine×1(But bigger than washing macine in your house)


  • Large size machine×1
  • Midium size machine×6


  • Sneakers washing machine×1
  • Sneakers drying machine×1


Every operation are so simple!


 Washing Machine

①Put  your clothing into the drum.

※You don't need to bring detergent. It is throwed into drum automaticaly.


②Pay money.

Midium size washing machine : 600yen

Small size washing machine : 400yen


③Choice water's temperature and push "start"



It takes about 20 minutes .

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Drying Machine

①Put  your clothing into the drum.


②Pay money.


③Choice  temperature and push "start".



Drying machine are made in US.

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Washing and Drying Machine

①Put  your clothing into the drum.


②You can choice "only washing mode" or "washing and drying mode"

Only washing : 800yen (20min)

Washing and drying : 1,200yen (60min)


③Pay money.

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Sneakers washing machine / Sneakers drying machine

①Put your sneakers into the machine.

For adult : max 2pairs

For child : max 4pairs


②Close the door and pay 200yen. So start.

It takes 20min.


③If you use drying machine after washing,  put your sneakers as above.

Sneakers will dry perfectly 40min(200yen).


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